3 Color Painting in Gouache - VENICE by Stan Kaminski

3 Color Painting in Gouache - VENICE
Stan Kaminski

In this DVD, renowned artist Stan Kaminksi shows you exactly how to create paintings in both a watercolor and an oil painting style from a palette of just three gouache colors.

At each stage he will explain the most important part of painting ... the thought process. The techniques which have been developed over many years and which are passed on to you here will give you a solid foundation to build upon and to create your own excellent pictures unaided.

If you are an experienced painter your skills will improve further as you are taken another step beyond your usual style.

If you are a beginner you will be amazed at the results you will produce within these first two paintings. The methods are demonstrated simply and clearly and you will see as we work together from real examples why, where and how things are done.

Put aside some quiet time and be prepared to produce some beautiful art from inexpensive materials and just three basic colors. Stan has taught many people in his art class and everyone of them has been amazed at what they can achieve.

Running Time: 90 min

Stan Kaminski is a UK artist renowned for his views of Venice and his wildlife paintings in watercolor, gouache, oils and mixed media. Stan is also a respected and much sought after tutor of painting providing lessons from his well appointed studio near Kenilworth in the heart of the English Midlands. He is the originator of the ground breaking 3 color painting method that enables even beginners to achieve outstanding results through a clear understanding of how to observe and interpret the subject rather than simply blindly copying. Restricting the palette brings cohesion and insight into hue and tonal value. Mixing all colors from the three essentials of yellow ochre, red and blue educates the eye far better than rather relying upon overly complicated and expensive arrays of ready made color. Stan also encourages they use of just a few brushes, all of them inexpensive and in no way specialist. These are the basic tools of any artist and can be mastered quickly and easily.

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Painting - Beginner
Painting - Oil
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