Dramatic Values by M. Katherine Hurley

Dramatic Values
M. Katherine Hurley

You'll Love This Pastel Painting DVD If:

- You love painting with pastels and want to know more about working in black and white
- You want to learn new landscape drawing & painting techniques
- You love the welcoming teaching style of M. Katherine Hurley

Learn how to draw a landscape using the tips and tricks found in this exciting pastel painting DVD lesson. From start-to-finish you'll follow along with M. Katherine Hurley as she shows you how to capture the essence of a nature-filled landscape using only black pastels and erasers.

Learn new pastel drawing and painting techniques as M. Katherine Hurley shares her process for construction and deconstruction, studying and understanding values. This interesting pastel painting process is fun and easy to recreate, it can be used as a diagnostic tool. With this pastel painting DVD tutorial you'll be able to learn new tips and tricks in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace.

In the Dramatic Values M. Katherine Hurley Works in Black and White DVD You'll Learn:

-Tips & techniques for drawing and painting landscape elements in pastel
-How to use black pastels and erasers to create black & white pastel compositions
-Step-by-step lessons for painting different values and diagnose your landscape pastel painting

Running Time: 1 Hr 11 Min

M. Katherine Hurley is from a small town called Gates Mills in Midwest Ohio, an area famed for its rolling hill and horse farms. Katherine received a BFA in 1974 at The College of Mt. St. Joseph in Cincinnati, Ohio. She continued her studies at The Art Academy of Cincinnati and worked with renowned colorist and landscape painter, Wolf Kahn. For over 30 years, she has been a working artist in Cincinnati, Ohio. M. Katherine has exhibited in Europe and is represented in several major galleries in Ohio, Massachusetts and Tennessee. Her work is in numerous private and corporate collections throughout the United States. Hurley is a Signature member of the Pastel Society of America.

Hurley has been exhibiting since 1978, and in 2005 Katherine was accorded a solo exhibit of her pastels at The Butler Institute of American Art. Her work has been featured in The Pastel Journal and in The Artist's Magazine. Hurley also enjoys teaching, and giving workshops to young art students.

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Painting - Landscape

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