The Watercolorist's Year - Richard Taylor - DVD by Richard Taylor

The Watercolorist's Year - Richard Taylor - DVD
Richard Taylor

Artist Richard Taylor takes you through four seasons in watercolor in this 2-DVD series.

Spring: You can now capture the vibrant energy of spring in your paintings as you learn to use crisp, invigorating colors. While encouraging you to sketch nature at work and observe bulbs and buds bursting into life, Richard guides you through a number of color mixing and dry brush techniques.

Summer: Summer is a time when colors are their most vibrant and you will learn to capture the essence and warmth of this season in your paintings. Create texture and atmosphere by following a number of watercolor techniques such as wet-into-wet and stippling, while observing the tranquil nature of the environment surrounding you.

Autumn - A pot, an onion and a trowel used to dig the earth are just a few subjects that Richard paints to create the real essence of autumn. He shows you how to portray the energy of a fast-flowing stream, and the tiredness of leaves on a tree, while all the time incorporating the rich, warm colors autumn is so famous for.

Winter - You will learn techniques such as blotting to create the smoke drifting from chimneys, and splattering to recreate the first snowflakes of winter. You will be able to create highlights and shadows that will make you gasp for icy breath, as you follow Richard's step-by-step demonstrations.

Running Time: 180 Min

Richard Taylor is a well-known artist and author who specializes in watercolor techniques. SAA panel member Richard teaches and demonstrates regularly and has had work exhibited in galleries throughout Britain, including the Mall Galleries in London. Richard is also a major contributor to several leisure art magazines.

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