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3 Color Painting in Gouache -  TIGER by Stan Kaminski
Title: 3 Color Painting in Gouache - TIGER
Instructor: Stan Kaminski

In this DVD, renowned artist Stan Kaminksi shows you exactly how to create paintings in both a watercolor and an oil painting style from a palette of just three gouache colors. At each stage he will...(more)

A Beginners Guide To Soft Pastels by Dan Nelson
Title: A Beginners Guide To Soft Pastels
Instructor: Dan Nelson

It's time for you to pick up that soft pastel and "Stop Thinking Art is Really Tough!" Join Dan "The Art Man" Nelson as he teaches a novice how to START drawing with soft pastels....(more)

African Watercolors by Hazel Soan
Title: African Watercolors
Instructor: Hazel Soan

African Watercolors is filmed on location at her studio in Africa, where Hazel invites you to join her on an artistic safari. With the aid of sketches and photographs from her African travels, deft brushstrokes and...(more)

Afternoon Light and Backlit Subjects by Elin Pendleton
Title: Afternoon Light and Backlit Subjects
Instructor: Elin Pendleton

The continuing lessons on Elin Pendleton's Color System reveals how she paints afternoon light and backlit subjects. She continues to reveal more secrets to effective design, and again with two cameras, you'll see both the...(more)

Angelfish by Lian Quan Zhen
Title: Angelfish
Instructor: Lian Quan Zhen

Lian Quan Zhen demonstrates Chinese watercolor techniques while painting Angelfish. Running Time: 100 Min ABOUT THE AUTHOR ------------------------- Lian Quan Zhen is a popular watercolor and Chinese painting artist and teacher in the US and abroad. He is one...(more)

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Animal Painting Workshop by Peggy Harris
Title: Animal Painting Workshop
Instructor: Peggy Harris

Peggy Harris, the internationally renowned artist and designer, has created a series of three DVDs that teach how to paint animals in oil. In these painting studies of animals, Peggy shares her special techniques that...(more)

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Animal Portraits in Watermedia  by Pat Weaver
Title: Animal Portraits in Watermedia
Instructor: Pat Weaver

You'll Love This Animal Painting DVD If: - You love painting in watercolor & want to learn how to paint animal portraits - You love to capture your favorite pets using watercolors & want to learn more -...(more)

Artist In The Wild by Robert Bateman
Title: Artist In The Wild
Instructor: Robert Bateman

Witness one of Bateman's artistic masterpieces in the making, and watch it come to life with his bold technique. See it unveiled as it becomes the centerpiece of a national museum's permanent collection. Discover what...(more)

Blue Heron by Danny Han-Lin Chen
Title: Blue Heron
Instructor: Danny Han-Lin Chen

Danny Han-Lin Chen teaches you how to paint a Great Blue Heron using contemporary Chinese watercolor techniques. ABOUT THE AUTHOR ------------------------- Danny is an internationally well-known artist. His work has been featured in the International Artist magazine. Danny's...(more)

Bob Ross Presents Wildlife Painting: Giant Panda by Bob Ross
Title: Bob Ross Presents Wildlife Painting: Giant Panda
Instructor: Bob Ross

From your first step to your final signature, you will be able to masterfully paint this beautiful giant panda with the help of artist and instructor Bea Cox. It's hard to believe that such a...(more)

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