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2008 Sedona Plein Air Festival by Tom Lynch
Title: 2008 Sedona Plein Air Festival
Instructor: Tom Lynch

If you've ever considered Plein Air painting, join Tom Lynch as he discusses the subject with some of the best artists in the country as they practice the art! The Sedona Plein Air Festival...(more)

Anatomy For Artists - Volume 3: Man In Motion by Miscellaneous
Title: Anatomy For Artists - Volume 3: Man In Motion
Instructor: Miscellaneous

It's one thing to know the parts of the body, it's another to put that knowledge into action. This video takes the artist to the next level by examining a variety of human activities including...(more)

Color Concepts by Stephen Quiller
Title: Color Concepts
Instructor: Stephen Quiller

Stephen Quiller emphasizes the importance of strengthening your flexibility and skill in using color. Stephen introduces you to his "Quiller Color Wheel" that will open doors for creating moods, inventing color combinations, and exercising the...(more)

Color for the Artist  by Stephen Quiller
Title: Color for the Artist
Instructor: Stephen Quiller

Using the Quiller Color Wheel, Stephen Quiller explains how to set an organized painter's palette; how to mix any beautiful semi-neutral color; how to use color for mood; and how to select and use a...(more)

Color Theory Made Really Easy by Sandra Angelo
Title: Color Theory Made Really Easy
Instructor: Sandra Angelo

Tired of ending up with a pile of mud when you try to mix colors? Sandra Angelo will demonstrate how you can make your colors come alive with these simple exercises. Running Time: 55 Min ABOUT...(more)

Color: The Daniel Greene Method by Daniel Greene
Title: Color: The Daniel Greene Method
Instructor: Daniel Greene

How do you see color? Which colors work best together? How are colors mixed? Why do colors clash or harmonize? How are convincing skin tones made? What is the secret of warm and cool colors?...(more)

Composition for Painters by Francis Plummer
Title: Composition for Painters
Instructor: Francis Plummer

Francis Plummer demonstrates composition. Running Time: 1 Hr 57 Min

Creating Confident Color by Nita Leland
Title: Creating Confident Color
Instructor: Nita Leland

Follow along with Nita Leland and you'll learn how to create harmonious color wheels so you can use color with confidence! She'll walk you through and share her approach so you can find a winning...(more)

Creating Dynamic Compositions by Sandra Angelo
Title: Creating Dynamic Compositions
Instructor: Sandra Angelo

Sandra Angelo explains how to use the six principles of composition as well as how to modify bad photo references. She then interviews Steve Miller, a nationally recognized celebrity portrait artist who shows his step-by-step...(more)

Creative Breakout: The Art of Freedom by Bill Buchman
Title: Creative Breakout: The Art of Freedom
Instructor: Bill Buchman

A big key to the creative process is to relax, to let yourself be free and to have fun. This is where the creativity takes place. It's a free flowing process of heart and mind....(more)

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