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Art Stamping Innovations: Carving Workshop by Gloria Page
Title: Art Stamping Innovations: Carving Workshop
Instructor: Gloria Page

Discover the incredible creative flexibility of art stamping with Gloria Page. Page first teaches you the basics of how to make a stamp. She explains what carving materials are available including soft blocks and cutting...(more)

MORE Collage Textures and Techniques by Claudine Hellmuth
Title: MORE Collage Textures and Techniques
Instructor: Claudine Hellmuth

In her second DVD collage workshop, you meet Claudine Hellmuth and learn still more about her collage assemblage techniques. You'll learn how to alter books, image and transfer methods, mixed media techniques, acrylic painting, scrapbooking,...(more)

Using Tjap Stamps & Basic Batik by Kathie George
Title: Using Tjap Stamps & Basic Batik
Instructor: Kathie George

In this DVD, Kathie George does work mostly on art papers, however you will find her instruction to be applicable to working with fabrics as well if you already know how to do the dyeing...(more)

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Water Media Collage Workshop by Carrie Burns Brown
Title: Water Media Collage Workshop
Instructor: Carrie Burns Brown

Join Carrie Burns Brown, as she teaches the ins and outs of water media collage, from creating richly colored and textured papers and personalized stamps, to the proper presentation of the finished piece plus develop...(more)

Showing 1-4 of 4    

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