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A Designed Approach to Abstraction by John Salminen
Title: A Designed Approach to Abstraction
Instructor: John Salminen

Join John Salminen as he uses the language of design to build a complex layered abstraction. The design analysis and thinking he uses may be applied to any subject or medium. John begins with simple...(more)

Abstract Expression by Karlyn Holman
Title: Abstract Expression
Instructor: Karlyn Holman

This 2-DVD set is a visual guide to unleash your creative spirit. As you look around your world, there is inspiration everywhere, such as reflections in glass, newspapers, fabric, even your minds-eye and your life...(more)

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Abstracting the Classics by Bob Rankin
Title: Abstracting the Classics
Instructor: Bob Rankin

In a unique twist on abstract art instruction, Bob Rankin's "Abstracting the Classics" is sure to capture your interest and help you answer the eternal question of "What should I paint?" Focusing on "The Birth...(more)

Abstracting the Outdoors: Forests and Swamps by Micah Mullen
Title: Abstracting the Outdoors: Forests and Swamps
Instructor: Micah Mullen

Using a variety of techniques, Micah will show an interpretation of a forest that is fanciful and wildly imaginative. During this DVD he will demonstrate glazing, impasto and other painting techniques. Over time, the realistic...(more)

Acrylic Abstract Painting: The Evolving Image by Virginia Cobb
Title: Acrylic Abstract Painting: The Evolving Image
Instructor: Virginia Cobb

Virginia Cobb uses acrylic painting techniques to develop three abstract paintings, each started by emphasizing a different design element: line, shape, texture. In the first half of her abstract painting video, she builds a rich...(more)

Acrylic Revolution by Nancy Reyner
Title: Acrylic Revolution
Instructor: Nancy Reyner

Watercolor & Oil Effects with Acrylic Paint Make your painting unique, exciting and contemporary by layering different techniques one on top of the other all in the same painting. This DVD workshop demonstrates step-by-step, using many...(more)

An Acrylic Journey: From Trash to Treasure & An Inward Look by Mary Todd Beam
Title: An Acrylic Journey: From Trash to Treasure & An Inward Look
Instructor: Mary Todd Beam

In this workshop Mary Todd Beam takes a playful approach to everyday items, discusses composition, layering materials, making it personal and keeping it creative! Mary uses the folk art of garage sales as a...(more)

Creating Abstract Art by Gerald Brommer
Title: Creating Abstract Art
Instructor: Gerald Brommer

Do you shudder every time someone mentions the term abstract art? Many beginning and intermediate painters assume that abstract art means difficult and more complex compositions, but as you'll see in this watercolor instruction workshop,...(more)

Creative Direction by Helga Flower
Title: Creative Direction
Instructor: Helga Flower

Follow Helga Flower through a mixed-media abstract and moonscape demonstration with an interesting lecture about Helga's feelings through art. Running Time: 115 Min ABOUT THE AUTHOR ------------------------- After studying art in Germany, Canada, and all over the US, Helga...(more)

Start Abstract Painting Today! by Robert Burridge
Title: Start Abstract Painting Today!
Instructor: Robert Burridge

Very hip film by Robert Burridge, for the painter who wants to really start abstract painting today. Learn the 12 design compositions, "extreme painting" section, Bonus BobLand and more. Running Time: Approx. 60 min ABOUT THE AUTHOR ------------------------- Robert...(more)

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