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Alto Relievo by Frank Covino
Title: Alto Relievo
Instructor: Frank Covino

This Demonstration by Frank Covino is the vital experience of the aspiring portrait painter sculpting the face in clay and casting in artificial marble. Running Time: 88 Min ABOUT THE AUTHOR ------------------------- Frank Covino is an artist who has...(more)

Ceramics: Handbuilding, Part 2 by Ro Mead
Title: Ceramics: Handbuilding, Part 2
Instructor: Ro Mead

Expanding upon her first video, Ro Mead creates slab forms decorated with inlaid colored clay including a cylindrical vase, a drape mold bowl and airbrush- decorated tiles.

Children's Portraits in Clay by Annie Davis
Title: Children's Portraits in Clay
Instructor: Annie Davis

This is a step-by-step teaching DVD that demonstrates techniques for achieving a likeness in portrait sculpture, especially in children. Ms. Davis goes through her process of obtaining reference photos of a subject, materials and tools,...(more)

Claying Around by Lisa Pavelka
Title: Claying Around
Instructor: Lisa Pavelka

Discover your inner artist with world renowned polymer clay expert and television personality Lisa Pavelka. Work at your own pace as she guides you thorugh the basics in Polymer Clay 101 and on to six...(more)

Dollmaking Workshop by Robert McKinley
Title: Dollmaking Workshop
Instructor: Robert McKinley

This 2-DVD workshop is similar in detailed information as Bob McKinley's 'Super Sculpey' book. McKinley spent countless hours creating this wonderful comprehensive teaching tool on his step-by-step approach to creating a doll using paperclay. Running Time:...(more)

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Gargoyes - How to Create Them by Peggy Flores
Title: Gargoyes - How to Create Them
Instructor: Peggy Flores

Educator and artist Peggy Flores demonstrates how to create gargoyles from clay and other materials. A brief history of gargoyles, chimeras, and grotesque characters is given. Before she shows how to create these gargoyles, Flores demonstrates...(more)

Sculpting a Figure in Clay by Guy Corriero
Title: Sculpting a Figure in Clay
Instructor: Guy Corriero

This DVD teaches one how to create a figure in clay using photographs as a guide. The figure is divided into the chest cavity, pelvic area, head, arms and legs. Guy Corriero discusses how to...(more)

Sculpting Faces - Dolls by Miscellaneous
Title: Sculpting Faces - Dolls
Instructor: Miscellaneous

Learn how to sculpt pretty faces in polymer clay for dollmaking, jewelry making, moldmaking or other arts and crafts. Easy techniques for sculpting a doll face and head. Geared for beginners and intermediates alike.

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