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Title: "A Garden of Flowers" - Live!
Instructor: Morgan Samuel Price

The straightforward, methodical instruction style of Morgan Samuel Price can be easily understood by all levels of artists, from beginning to advanced. Follow along as Price demonstrates her painting "Garden of Flowers". ABOUT THE ARTIST ------------------------- Morgan Samuel...(more)

A Painter's Odyssey by Cory Trepanier
Title: A Painter's Odyssey
Instructor: Cory Trepanier

Experience the splendor of Lake Superior and Georgian Bay through Cory's eyes, art and narration as he explores and paints the Great Lakes Heritage Coast. Through 4 seasonal, month-long excursions, the artist journeyed with his...(more)

A Vision Of Venice: Oils by Ken Howard
Title: A Vision Of Venice: Oils
Instructor: Ken Howard

In this most recent film Ken Howard once again is inspired by the light architecture and atmosphere of Venice this time to paint in oils. We see him painting three views of the Salute showing...(more)

Acrylic Revolution by Nancy Reyner
Title: Acrylic Revolution
Instructor: Nancy Reyner

Watercolor & Oil Effects with Acrylic Paint Make your painting unique, exciting and contemporary by layering different techniques one on top of the other all in the same painting. This DVD workshop demonstrates step-by-step, using many...(more)

All About Watercolor by Jeffrey Bozik
Title: All About Watercolor
Instructor: Jeffrey Bozik

This is an amazing beginner to advanced workshop video of Jeffrey Bozik live in his studio explaining everything you need to know about watercolor from start to finish. Topics covered are: - brushes and tools - Colors...(more)

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American Southwest / Crashing Waves by Tom Jones
Title: American Southwest / Crashing Waves
Instructor: Tom Jones

Join professional watercolorist Tom Jones focusing on the natural beauty of landscapes from the mountains to the sea. Learn how to paint in Tom's relaxed style as you explore a wide range of subject matter...(more)

Autumn Mist by Michele Cooper
Title: Autumn Mist
Instructor: Michele Cooper

Michele Cooper's landscape demonstration of "spatter" technique, painting rocks with form & texture, trees, swift water. Running Time: 82 Min ABOUT THE AUTHOR ------------------------- Michele Cooper has been teaching watercolor for over 25 years in the Pacific Northwest. Michele...(more)

Autumnal Landscape by Bill Voss
Title: Autumnal Landscape
Instructor: Bill Voss

This video displays Bill Voss demonstrating wet into wet watercolor and Bill's secrets of the art of watercolor painting. It includes reflections of trees in water. Running Time: 55 Min ABOUT THE ARTIST Bill Voss is a well known...(more)

Beach Reflections by E. John Robinson
Title: Beach Reflections
Instructor: E. John Robinson

See through the talented eyes of E. John Robinson as you learn the methods to paint magnificent seascape and sky reflecting in the wet sand. Special lessons include: Reflections, Sand, Color and Value Composition. Running Time:...(more)

Beginnings in Watercolor:Breakwater by David Horne
Title: Beginnings in Watercolor:Breakwater
Instructor: David Horne

This DVD contains step by step watercolor painting instruction based on David Horne's original painting "Breakwater". David will take you step by step through drawing out major sections of your picture in pencil, laying on...(more)

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